000 Clear Natural Mixer LUMINART AMMONIA FREE COLOUR 100ml

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LUMINART Ammonia Free colouring system is formulated using a uniqu illuminating cream with protective and conditioning ingredients to create vibrant long lasting colour while also maintaining and building healthy strong hair.

Wheat Amino Acids – (wheat protein) the building blocks of protein, which contain the correct molecular weight to penetrate the layer of the hair shaft.

Active Botanical Extracts – Artav Australia’s exclusive herbal complex of leaves, flowers, fruit, herbs & roots (alfalfa, red clover, arnica, gentian root, juniper fruit, lemon balm, pine).

Sunflower Extract – antioxidant & anti-free radical properties, provides a photo-protective seal around the hair shaft.

Olive Extract – a natural organic compound to moisturize and strengthen the hair structure.

UV Filter – active EHM (ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate) absorbs UV rays, for longer lasting protection & shine.

Coconut Oil – one of the best know oils that can be absorbed & retained by the hairto protect essential amino acids.

MPY – Micro Pigment Technology, allows maximum colour pidment absorption by the hair, without altering its structure. 

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